Miansai: Where Jewelry​ and Tea Meet

Sometimes I wonder the backstreets and side streets of New York, and I come across something magical. As I was strolling the Soho streets, I came across Miansai. This is not an ad or sponsored post, I just wanted to share with you my find. 


Miansai is a tea bar/ jewelry store, and I couldn’t be happier that I stumbled across it. A cuppa was precisely what I needed and what I was looking for. When you first enter the shop you are greeted by a fairly large tea bar with a great tea menu. Usually, places will have 1 black, green and herbal but Miansai had 2 types of green tea, chai, herbal, pu’erh, kombucha, Yerba mate, black, white, matcha and even rooibos! Did I mention you can get hot or cold?! 

miansai tea bar menu

Not only do they have a tea bar, but it’s also a jewelry store. They are best known for their unisex-themed designs. As I was chatting with the employees, we talked about the line and tea, and it felt like I was talking to old friends. Everyone was so personable. 

miansai jewerly

The line was super unique, and I loved the simple lines of the collection. It was all very clean cut. Each of these pieces feels like a one-of-kind masterpiece and I will be back to pick up something from their jewelry line ASAP. I highly recommend checking out this spot for a quick cuppa and don’t forget to browse the shop, I fell in love with so many of their pieces. The shop is located at 33 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10013. I’ll see you there!

40 Cute AF Instagram Captions To Spice Up Your Feed

Ah, Instagram by far the hardest social media platform. Every day it changes, hashtags get oversaturated, and there’s always a new algorithm change, which usually sucks for smaller content creators and large ones alike. Sometimes choosing the right photo is hard but what’s even harder is choosing the right caption for your latest photo. I am great with words, but I always struggle to come up with the right captions for my photo. As I scanned the internet, I couldn’t exactly find a good source for captions, but then I found myself lost in the world of Pinterest.

Like I said, I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I made my own list of caption ideas, I wanted to share with you. Some of the captions below are inspired by my quote board and others, I’ve created myself. Credit to the writers who created these incredible words.

app contemporary dark design

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

  1. Find someone who looks at you, the way I look at [insert your favorite item here].
  2. [insert witty caption here]–> if you can come up with something, that’s a great caption that’s sure to make your followers laugh.
  3. Surround yourself with [insert favorite food item here] not negativity.
  4. Do your squats, eat your veggies, wear what makes you happy and don’t let boys be mean to you.
  5. Explore. Dream. Discover.
  6. Your feet will take you where your heart is.
  7. Eat well, Travel often.
  8. Just Sm;)e.
  9. Friendly reminder: It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.
  10. Own your magic.
  11. Make your own magic.
  12. 20wineteen – This is a caption used by Queen Taylor Swift.
  13. I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it. – Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland”
  14. Life is too short to pretend that you don’t like [insert a favorite item].
  15. Always be yourself, unless you can be [insert your favorite mythological creature]. Then always be [ same creature].
  16. Every trail connects.
  17. You can find me lost in a world of books, coffee, and rainy days.
  18. Life is tough but so are you.
  19. Say yes to new adventures.
  20. …and so the adventure begins!
  21. Be the badass with the good ass.
  22. A messy bun and mass amounts of caffeine.
  23. It’s a messy bun kind of morning…
  24. Born to make history.
  25. Friendly Reminder: It’s okay to not be perfect.
  26. Never stop looking up.
  27. I am not tired/lazy, I’m just on low power mode.
  28. Real women are never perfect, and perfect women are never real.
  29. Life moves pretty quick, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the moment.
  30. The newest member of the sunrise/sunset club.
  31. Life happens, drink [insert your favorite drink].
  32. Drink some [ your favorite drink] and pretend you know what you’re doing.
  33. The best things in life are free.
  34. [insert pop culture reference relating to your outfit], but make it fashion.
  35. Living for living coral!
  36. Sometimes a cup/glass of [your favorite drink] can solve any problem.
  37. Forever Mood:
  38. Not an actual caption but, use your favorite song lyric! ( I highly recommend checking out Little Mix, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift for some great lyric choices.)
  39. Not an actual caption but, I also suggest using alliteration, for example, if I am posting a photo wearing Burberry, I would caption is as “Burberry babe” or something like that.
  40. You can always use inspirational quotes from the internet and if you are credited the writer, be sure to fact check who the quote is from. I hate to break it you but half of those Coco Chanel quotes on Pinterest are fake. She never actually said them.

For more Instagram caption ideas, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to Inspirational Quotes. If you use any of these, be sure to tag me or slide into my DMs! If you aren’t already following me on Instagram, you totally should. Full Disclaimer, you’ll find a few of these on my feed.

Which captions are you using?


How to Create a Vision Board

This post was originally written for HelloHustle.com, which no longer exists.

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to reflect and refocus on your goals. At the beginning of almost every season, I like to sit down and set up a Vision Board and create a list of goals for that season or year. This year I really want to focus on eating better and finally living in NYC, so my board is going to be full of yummy food and apartment inspiration.

 What is a vision board?

Well, I’m glad you asked… A vision board is device used by people from all walks of life from fashion designers to college students. To put it simply, it’s a board with inspiring images or words on it. A vision board is something to help motivate you to be the very best you can be. It can be virtual, (hello pinterest)! However, it doesn’t have to be virtual it can also be something physical like a sheet of paper. I am a paper kind of girl, however I did recently learn a bit of photoshop( PS I still suck at it a lot). So, instead of printing out images from online, I might just print out the final product ( which is way better for the environment.)

How do you make a vision board?

There is no correct answer to that question. You can do it anyway you want too! Embrace your creativity. I used to spend a lot of the time going through magazines and ripping/cutting out inspiring images and setting them aside. Sometimes I like to use construction paper, sketchbook paper and even plain old computer paper as a base of my board. I cut out my images and arrange them on the paper, then I glue or tape them down. Like I said, I am trying to improve my carbon footprint, so I am planning on just photoshopping a bunch of images together to create my board and print it out. Voila, it’s done!! It’s such an easy and simple craft, a perfect activity to do with your children or even a group of friends.

What do you do with it once it’s done?

Hang it up! It’s super important to place your vision board somewhere that you can see it each and every morning when you wake up as a reminder to live your best life. I am deeply considering putting it right next to my vanity table. I think that everyone needs a little inspiration, so I encourage you to set aside some free time and let your creativity run wild.

Have any of you make a vision board? If so, where did you hang it?

2018 Vision Board

P.S. sorry for the quality of the image of my board, I am not sure how to save Polyvore content other than screenshoting it. Also credit to everyone who created these images, a few of my own but most are not. Also “Look What You Made Me Loose” was a hashtag that I came across on Twitter.

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My 2018 New York City Bucket List

Happy 2018 everyone! I am so excited to share with you my first ever New York City bucket list. These are places that I would love to go to and explore. Spoiler: most of them are cute AF food spots around the city.

  1. Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s Blue Box Cafe.
  2. Attend at least 5 Pop-Up shop in the city.
  3. Get tickets to SNL ( this is a pipe dream of mine tbh).
  4. Go to Chip in Astoria.
  5. Explore Queens and Harlem a bit more.
  6. See at least 3 Broadway shows ( I really want to see Frozen and Mean Girls).
  7. Buy a 1/2 pound cookie from City Cakes.
  8. Finally get ice cream from Ample Hills.
  9. Have a confetti croissant from Union Fare.
  10. Take a cooking class in the city.
  11. This is a New York institution but I have yet to go there and try anything. Serendipity is somewhere, I really want to go.
  12. Go to a roof-top bar. I’m not a huge drinker but I would love to go to one of these during the summertime.
  13. Go to the largest Sephora in the world, which is the one on 34th street.(I just went this week, sorry)
  14. Go to the New York Botanical Gardens.
  15. Head to Governor’s Island for an event or just to go.
  16. Finally head to the Met Cloisters.
  17. Attend a free museum evening.
  18. Try some nerd-themed cocktails at The Way.
  19. Get a scoop at Big Gay Ice Cream.
  20. Eat a meal at Rao’s.
  21. Go to one of NYC’s Distilleries.
  22. Get my nails or a service done at the Red Door Salon.
  23. Go to treat house! I’ve been following them on Instagram for the longest time!
  24. Check out Physical Graffitea.
  25. Try some Macaron’s at Macaron Cafe.
  26. Attend a UVA’s Meatball Monday.
  27. Grab a drink a the 230 5th Rooftop Bar.
  28. Get a drink at at Angel’s Share.
  29. Eat and grab a drink at Vandal.
  30. Enjoy at cocktail at The Palace hotel.
  31. Attend a Drunk Shakespeare show.
  32. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge, this is such an iconic thing to do in NYC and I have yet to do actually do it.
  33. Go to the Top of the Rock, this is another basic NYC thing to do that I’ve avoided for way too long.
  34. Actually go to the Hamptons.
  35. Take the Staten Island Ferry, just because #views.
  36. Take any kind of boat ride over the Hudson ( and take some dramamine, so I won’t be sick).
  37. Go vintage shopping in Brooklyn.
  38. Go to Milk and Cereal.
  39. Check out Mace’s cocktail bar for some savory cocktails.
  40. Eat at Butcher’s Daughter.

Once I actually do some of these, I will bold them. I will continuously update this when I have the chance!

What’s on your NYC (city nearest you) 2018 Bucket List?

Blogmas Day 25 : 15 Of Favorite Instagram Feeds

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to those celebrating today! I can’t believe we’ve already come to the end of the #Blogmas! That’s so crazy to me, like my mind is so blown rn.  I can promise you to celebrate the end of this wonderful yet difficult challenge, I’m planning on having a glass of wine or 3. Anyways, happy last day of #blogmas!

I am totally obsessed with content creators on Instagram. You can always find me scanning these accounts because they inspire me so much. These feeds are total goals for me. I am way excited to share with you some of my favorite inspirational IG accounts.

  1. @Madison89Miller– This is a photo I took with her when I met her at Gen Beauty.

2. @larlarlee– She is my overall favorite YouTuber/ Content creators and I just met her and Manny this week!

3. Trendmood1 (Sophie)- Looking for swatches or restock info? She’s got you covered!

4. @PrettyConnected– I just started working with her and before we worked together, her feed was always goals.

5. @Cvazzana– I’m a big biased since I take quite a few of her photos…the photo below was from one of my favorite shoots probably ever…

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~ Coming soon 💕~

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6. @RetroFlame– We all know that I’m an Erica stan…Her style is just everything. I’ve also met her 🙂 


7. @Kateballamay– I’m way obsessed with her flatlays !!!


8. @FeedYourGirlfriend– knows all the best food spots in NYC, if I’m looking for the next big unicorn food, chances are I found via her.

9. @palegirlrambling– I’ve been following Rachael forever, so it’s been really nice to see her grow. I love her feed because it’s always so beautiful! I love her as well, we even collaborated on a post together!

10. @lizzieinlace– I had the pleasure of meeting her as well, when we were in line together at #NYFW her style was goals then and still is now!

11. @madhattersnyc– I’m lucky enough to be friends with the two bloggers behind this feed and they take some incredible food shots and just overall NYC photos.

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The Ti-rum-isu Cruffin from Supermoon Bakehouse 😍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And speaking of getting baked, we're headed to London and Amsterdam! 😆 Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who offered up recommendations 😊🙏 We'll be sharing on Instagram Stories, so don't forget to check those out. We'll miss Thanksgiving, but we'll be celebrating Friendsgiving with all of you here instead! 😘❤️❤️❤️ Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #supermoonbakehouse #cruffin #dessertgoals #nyceats #nycfood #nycdining #eatingnewyork #eatingnyc #nycfoodie #happyfriyay #weekendmood #weekendvibes

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12. @NewForkCity -it is my life goal to get regrammed onto this account #FOODPORN

13. @Hungrygrl_bigcity– I love love love Jessie’s feed, she’s also incredibly sweet and also has the coolest job like ever!


14. @simplyaudreekate– Some more #OOTD inspiration! Audree loves to mix together vintage and modern pieces, which makes her style extra special!

15. @KlStieg– I love Kelsey, she has cool style and she’s just an overall cool person.

Who are your favorite Instagram content creators?! Sending them some love and drop their links in the comments for me to check out xx