Kylie Cosmetics 2018 Birthday Collection

Kylie Cosmetics has been releasing a birthday every year since the company has been around. Since Kylie’s birthday is about a month away from mine, I always buy myself something from it as an early birthday treat to myself. Usually, I go for her eyeshadow palette, but since Kylie is 21, she decided to do 21 shades, which bumped up the price to $65. I love Kylie, but sometimes her eyeshadows don’t work for me, so I decided to pick up a limited edition highlighter in Champagne Showers, which sold out almost immediately and one of her lipsticks in the shade August. The theme of this year’s collection was essentially partying and drinking since she turned 21.

Kylie Cosmetics, The Birthday Collection


The cardboard packaging is stunning, the colorway as well the photos are gorgeous. Once the products are opened, the packaging is a bit more simple. The lipstick is a neon pink ( each lip shade is in a different color tube) with Kylie written all over it, which I liked. When the highlighter is open, you see it’s in a black compact complete with a mirror and Kylie’s name in gold. Overall, I enjoyed the packaging on these products.  

Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner 2018 Birthday Collection


Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner 2018 Birthday Collection

The highlighter is massive in size, which I was super shocked about. The pan size is as big as the palm of my hand, so you’re getting a ton of product for the price of $28, which I think is very fair. The color skews gold, which at first I was worried about it. Sometimes gold doesn’t look good on me, but I was pleasantly surprised. When applied this highlighter is somewhat subtle, but it is buildable to get that super glow.  The formula is more similar to her eyeshadow vs. her regular highlighters. The formula is a bit dryer than her others but the color payoff is much better. 

Kylie Cosmetics By Kylie Jenner 2018 Birthday Collection

This lipstick is the perfect “your lips but better” shade for me. I love the highlighter, but honestly, I like the lipstick more. The shade is a light neutral which can go with any look. It is a matte lipstick but doesn’t feel drying on the lips. The color payout is great and it goes on matte, there’s no waiting like with her liquid lipsticks. Sadly the lipstick did not last as long as I would like but I didn’t mind reapplying. 

Overall I found myself 100% satisfied with this collection. It’s nothing innovative but if you’re looking to add another neutral lip and highlighter to your collection, I recommend this collection. 

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